Steps to Register

STEP 1 : Download Metamask/TrustWallet
Laptop/DeskTop Users can Download Metamask Extension For Chrome/Firebox Browser ( Watch Video on landing page How to Use )
Mobile users can Download Trust Wallet using below link
STEP 2 : Copy Below Link
STEP 3 : Paste Link
Laptop/DeskTop Users should paste in Chrome/Firebox Browser having Metamask Installed
Mobile users should paste in DAPPS Browser of Trust Wallet App
STEP 4 : Buy XDM Tokens
Click on the Buy XDM Tokens and choose the amount of Ethereum you want to invest it will show you in real time how many XDM tokens you will Get 
STEP 5 : Stake XDM Tokens
After you Buy XDM Tokens make sure you Immediately Stake the XDM Tokens to start getting a Daily ROI of 1% in your Stake Balance
Now you are elegible to earn Daily ROI, Dividends and you can earn more by promoting your referral link.

Watch Below Video How to Buy & Stake XDM Tokens


   ( Metamask )


   ( TrustWallet)

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